Kim Woobin, Park Haejin, Hangeng, and Other 7 Male Celebrities As The Cover of “Men’s Uno” 10th Anniversary Special

The Chinese magazine, “Men’s Uno” celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with making 10 covers of its magazine. Korean actor, Kim Woobin and Park Haejin also on the list, we can also see Hangeng, former Super Junior’s member in the cover.

“Men’s Uno” got all 10 male celebrities with red theme. Yue Man Lok, Khalil Fong, Peter Ho, Hu Ge, Jerry Lee, Jang Go Jeon (Korean Name) and Lu Yi are the other 7 male celebrities who also took a part in the 10th anniversary of the magazine. Check Kim Woobin and Park Haejin’s pictorial below!


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