Going to concert


When you have something to do.

Risking your time for your beautiful time in the future.

My name is Lydia, was born on august 2nd. I am a university student and I think I do not need to mention the name of my university because that’s not important, I’m not a person who have a lot of money and also smart. I have a hobby of listening to music but you need to know is the music that I heard was music that was coming from south korea, it was not a stranger music anymore. I started to love music since junior high school, when I and my friends love to watch Korean dramas, and I do not think that would be very fond of it and even liked the singers and continue to collect songs of the singer. It’s easy to like them because Korea has a good standard to make someone become an entertainer, they must have the skills and talent that must be good and in addition have the body and face great addition, they made up with very interesting and wear clothes that are trendy, very perfect. I think I am part of their fans, because even I enrolled I’m still fond of them, accounting for six years already. Until one day my favorite Korean musicians announced the release date of their songs in 2015. They are a big bang, boygroup consisting of 5 person, I’ve already said before, each of them is really sing well and they even have the respective album respectively, really awesome. After they released the album, they also announced that they will hold a concert tour of the world, oh my gosh, it really want it! Because, their recent world tour concert, I was a student and I still think that is impossible to watch a concert while my age is not enough. And now! This time!. I really wanted to.

“Hey, hey. Look at this! they already announced the schedule of the concert! “said Hanna suddenly while we were eating. Hanna is my friend in college, we met and scolds granted in the first day of school, she did not sit beside me but in the back with Jenni. I sat next to Katie, while Katie and I were friends from the beginning  of orientation. Today we have a morning class. So, none of us had breakfast, we were too lazy to get up early but except Jenni.

“Who? Bigbang ?? Let me see! “I also saw Hanna gadgets and seek Bigbang concert date in Indonesia

July 30th, 2015 in Manila,Philippines

August 1st, 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia

“Wuaaaaa .. incredible! August! A day before the date of my birthday, “I said after finding the concert schedule in Indonesia.

“I know, so? What’s going on? If it is a day before the date of your birthday” Asked Katie

“Heiiiii … this would be an awesome birthday present!” Mmm… What I’m talking about? who are giving me a gift? Looks like I started fantasizing about gifts and birthdays. I began to fantasize about someone who is kind enough to be invited me to watch or give a concert ticket as a birthday gift.

“Are you going to watch it?” Asked Hanna curious.

“Mmmm … I do not know, I did not have enough money to go to the concert” I’m not the one who have a lot of money and I could not ask just to my parents. That is not me, I do not want to make my parents burdened, and I do not have a choice. One thing that I will do is saving my money.

“I had no other choice, I think I’ll save my money from now, and I think it’s still enough time to collect until august”

“What? Hei, It’s not only about months, you know. You should think about transportation. How could you going to Jakarta? ”

“You’re right, I do not ever go there” I do not unthinkable, how can I watch without thinking of my transport costs. It sucks, why do they have to tour in Jakarta? Why do not go to other cities that are in Indonesia? Looks like I have to save more for it.

“I think if I have a huge desire maybe I could–”

“NO! Do not think too much. Let’s eat first. ” Said Jenni. Hahaha, That‘s Jenni, she does not talk much but we all appreciate it, because she is the oldest. –skip eat–

I do not live with my parents, but my sister. She was also a student, she is 4 years older than i am. Her name is Narsha. She also has the same taste in music, korean music, she must be understand if I tell her about the concert.

At night when I lay on bed. She entered the room and get ready for sleep.

“Ly, Did you see the announcement?”

“and you had already known about it!? Ahh, I want to go.”

“Hey, I want too. I also want to go there, but you know… I am looking for the title of my thesis. There will be a graduation at the end of July.”

“I know, i have not had enough money, … and still do not know when my money will co–”

“Lydia, you do not have to watch in the front of stage if you don’t have enough money, the back will be same.”

“We do not yet know about the price of–”

“What are you talking about? They also announced the price! ”

“Already? I have not seen.”

I took my phone is being charged on the table, then see the website and find the price of the concert. Then, I saw it. Woaw, It is not too expensive.

“I’ll take it!” Shows the mobile phone screen to my sister.

Days passed, I’m saving my money, reduce spending my money, looking for transportation ticket, find someone who sells concert tickets, think about to find transportation in Jakarta to get to the concert hall, and I made a note in my room that write “saving for the concert!!! Till august 1st” and also put a picture the announcement of the concert as my cell phone wallpaper, so I always remember the plan. Until now, I still have not told my parents about going to the concert, but I’ve said that I want to go to the concert and she certainly does not allow me to go and said it would just be wasting my money. I think my parents are true, but I really wanted to see and enjoy it. Time passes until one month before the concert, I think my saving can buy a flight ticket, transportation, meals, but not with the concert. I may take 15 to 20 days longer for it. I opened my laptop and buy tickets over the internet. Finally, 5 days to the concert, I had bought a concert ticket, I will tell my mom about this.

“Mom, I’ll go to a concert that i have told you before. I’ve been collecting my money to go watch it” I spoke with my mother over the phone.

“Hahaha, what? a concert? there will be an artist to come there? ”

“No, mom. Concert I’ve ever had to tell you, Korean music. I want to watch it in Jakarta.”

“What are you doing? You think how can you be there? You did not lived in Jakarta.”

“Mom, calm, I’ve even bought a plane ticket and the concert.”

“Hey! Seriously. You think it will be easy? You must-”

“Yes! I know, I’ve thought about it. I’ve found a way to get into the hall and back to the airport, mom. It is just for 1 day.”

“You! … I will not let you go without a friend, how can you yourself in a place you’ve never visited, there is not-”

“No, mother. I have friend who will watch the concert too”

“Are you sure? And your friend had ever watched a concert before? A woman or a man? ”

“Yes mom. I’m sure. A woman. She has families who live there and are willing to drive us there.”

Sorry mom, I had to lie to you, actually I do have friend who will watch the concert as well but unfortunately, she said she will not watch because there was a problem and she really has a sister who lives there.

I’m sorry mom, but I really had to have a friend, I met a new friend in twitter who will be watching too, there is a possibility we met there.

“Oh, really. Okay, then. It’s up to you. Make sure you are okay, ly. Bye.”

“Okay, mom. Love you. Bye. ”

Regarding to this concert. I’ve told my sister and my friends, but at the beginning, my friends do not believe it. But, finally in the end they believe it and even envy me.

D-Day (5:30)

The day came, I was already preparing my stuff in my backpack for a concert last night, and I checked it back.

“Ahhh, Good morning! Have a nice day!” I said after took a bath and got dressed.

“I envy you” Narsha said, she would take me to the airport this morning. I took the earliest flight (06:40 hours) because I heard that I had to queue later in hall.

“Do not be like that, Thank you for helping me till this day” I said, she was already helped me, she is always reminding me to save money and even she has collected her money to help me save money, and also to keep a secret about my plan, which will go by myself.

-At the airport-

“I hope you’re safe until back to here! Have a safe flight, my sister! “We also hugged

“Thank you … I have to go! Bye. ”


I am going into the airport and sit in the waiting room while checking my phone. There are three messages, from the mother, Jenni and Katie.

From Jenni: “have a safe flight, lydia. Tell my love to Bigbang, hahaha. Just kidding.

From Katie: “lydia, how are you? have a safe flight and come home safety “

From mom: “Where are you? Are you have already done prepared? Be careful. If you have arrived, tell me

I replied messages from them and finally I got on the plane, I sat quietly, then I checked something in my bag back, thinking about thing that is not in the bag. Oh my gosh, I forgot to bring my headphones.

-skip flight-

Arriving at the airport Soekarno Hatta, I turn on my phone and tell them that I’ve arrived. Suddenly Jenni called and she asked for video calls. Oh god, I just got here then I rejected the call, I still walk out and look for a bus to go to Cililitan and I saw the bus stop on the road then I stopped at a bus stop. Suddenly, there was a man come to me, he spoke to me.

“Hey, do you just come?”


“Where are you going?”

“Oh, I’ll go to cililitan, mmm … bus-  which one should I take?”

“Oh, just wait here, and it was! Do you see that bus, it will go to cililitan ”

“Mm? Which one? “I was confused about which he was pointing, because there are about 4 buses were lined up there”

“That bus! It will be here. Wait here “he pointed out the place where I should have waited.


A moment passed

“Hey, this bus, you can take this bus.” The bus is coming.

“Oh, okay. Thank you “I am boarding the bus and check again my mobile phone, I reply to a message, and suddenly, there is a video call from Jenni.


“Hello, hey! Where are you? ” Said Jenni

“I was on the bus, there was someone who helped mm… recommended a bus for me”

“Oh, I see. Where are you going now? ”

“To the concert”

“Hey, no, I already know! I mean are you going to eat? Or … Are you going to stay there?”

“Stttt- do not speak loudly, people would stare at me. Hahaha, yes, first, I would go meet my friends, haha, my new friend, after that I will go along with her”

“Mmmm …”

“Jenni! Did you just wake up? gee, idlers. quickly wake up and look at you! So messed up”

“Hahaha, I’m lazy, this weekend. Let me laze lazing … emmm- ”

“Ewww, That is disgusting. Go take a bath, I’ll turn off the phone. Bye~ ”

“Heii, don’t-” hahaha, what she would talk about- I do not care. She is too lazy.

“Excuse me!” Suddenly there was a man who stood next to my seat.

“Hem?” I had seen the paper given to me, oh, I understand, this person is taking cost of the bus, I immediately understood, picked up my purse.

“This” I give my money to him

“Thank you” He moved away to other passengers

“Thank you” I replied

– In a shopping center in cililitan –

I and my friend agreed to meet at Mc D**ald. I also find it and go there, mmm, but I still do not know her face, ok, I’ll order first.

“Good morning, miss, what would you order?”

“I want Iced Coffee”

“With Float or not?”

“Yes, please”

And the waitress was serving iced coffee float, and I pay it and go sit outside. I also contacted my friend, and take a picture of me while waiting for a reply from her. I do not just go with her to the concert, I paid her and she said she would buy me food for me.

Wait for a moment, and there is a message from my friend.

“Sorry for late reply to your message, I’d been in the ATM, and now I’m at Mc D ** ald, I’m wearing a green shirt, sitting next to the wall.”

After reading the message, I went into and look for it, I turned to the right and to the left, I do not see any wear green clothes. Then, I look back and see the message again and go around, and after that I looked, I realized there was someone wearing a dark green shirt and black jacket and she was sitting next to the wall. I came to her, she hung up the phone and I say hello.

“Hi! Are you tiffany? ”

“Yes, and you are Lydia! Sit down, please.”

“Oh yes, glad to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too. Has it been long time to wait here? ”

“No ~ I also relax in front there, hahaha”

“Mm… Well, How about your trip? When will you go back?” Tiffany has already known about I am, where I came from, I knew her six days before the concert because i searched a friend who buy same section so we can watch concert at the same section.

“I will go back tomorrow morning, Fany.”

Then, The waiter is delivering food.

“Eat, I’ve ordered our meal”

“Thank you” -Skip Eat-

Tiffany and i went to her car and set off to Indonesia Convention Exhibition hall. Tiffany was not driving his own car, she said the driver was his driver, she said she cannot drive because her father did not allow. Tiffany is older than me but she did not allow to bring her car, her father said Jakarta is too dangerous and busy.

Indonesian Convention Exhibition located in Tangerang, we drove about 1 hour 10 minutes, until at the concert hall we were walking into the hall through the hall 10 but before entering, there are many people who sell korean stuff, such as clothes, fan, lightsticks, bracelets, and others. When I passed the man, I realized that I did not bring one korean stuff while people here have it. I want to buy it.

“Tiffany, wait. I want to buy that stuff, can we go to there? “I asked, pointing to a place that we passed earlier.

“Okay, let’s go!” We went back. I see official lightstick Bigbang, I know it must be expensive. I also see lightstick on the other, a small cylinder-shaped, I am asking price and buying it and then buying a bracelet too, I will give this stuff to my sister.

“Enough, Let’s go!”

When entered to the inside, we saw 6 queue and there was a man who guarding the entrance, he directs us where we ought to go, queue corresponding section.

“Please wait over there.” Said crew is pointing to one of the queues. Then I sat down with Tiffany.

“Lydia, about the lucky draw?”

“Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me, I do not know where to take the prize.”

“What did you get?”

“I do not know, Fany. But I’ve seen the prize information can be taken in the official box mecima through the Hall 9 ”

“You can pick it up now ”

“Mmmm, you’re right. Wait here, I’ll go looking for it. ”


I went ahead, seeing there is very much a booth, I think the place might be there, I went around it and arrived at a booth, after approaching I also saw people are waiting in line and at the end of the line, people are buying Bigbang stuff and then I asked a crew who standing around.

“Excuse me, I want to ask, I want to take my lucky draw, where I had to take my lucky draw?”

“I do not know, please ask with the person there.” The man replied,

I went to ask the person to booth inside of it, but it seems they are very busy and the queue was very long.

“Excuse me, I want to ask, which place that i can take my lucky draw?”

“Mmm? What? ”

“Lucky draw … where is the place?”

“Mmm … I do not know”

This is not the place, I thought, and where? I came out through the door 9, and asked people who were on guard there.

“Excuse me, I want to ask where I had to take my lucky draw.”


“Lucky draw”

“Hey, do you know?” He asked his friend.

“I do not know” said his friend.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve never heard of it. Go ask to people over there “said crew pointed to the guard at the door 6

“Oh, thank you”

I went there and asked again the same thing.

“Excuse me, where I could take lucky draw?”

“lucky draw?”

“Yes, you know?”

“I think you have to go to the hall and there is a official mecima. Try to ask there. ”

“Okay, thank you”

I went back to the hall 9 and then ask people who are queuing.

“Excuse me, Is this a official mecima?”

“Yes, true”

“Oh, thank you”

It was true, a place where many people were queuing earlier is taking place lucky draw and purchase Bigbang stuff. I went ahead and ask it back to the person in the booth official mecima.

“Can I take my lucky draw?”

“Give me your form”

“Heh? Form??? I do not have”

“And you cannot~ you must provide a form that we provide through your email and you must be filled it.”

“Hey, I did not receive any email from you”

“We’ve been sending to all the winners.”

“When you send an email to me?”

“At 10 A.M, you should check your email”

“Oh, today I’m not checking my email because i was on the way and will not have time to print it all”

“That’s your fault”

“Hey, I will show the evidence, this is my id card and please check the list of winners”

“Sorry, we cannot, excuse me, there are still a lot of queues, can you step aside?”

“Oh my gosh, you can’t believe me?”

“Sorry, I have to work”

Oh god, I even tried to look for the gift, but I cannot force him because there are many people who lined up and he was right, he had to work. Well! I’m not going to take the prize.

I went back to my section queue, Oh God, there are more people were queuing. I’m looking for tiffany, she has moved to a little backwards because the person has fulfilled the queue, I also do not understand why she is even back, I sat next to her.

“How? Have found it?”

“No, Tiffany.”

“I can’t get it” I was told what I did earlier. -skip waiting and telling-

It’s been 6 P.M and this hall is full and urged more urgent. Then, a crew came and told us to stand up and move a little bit forward and sit down, and so on, and also in another queue, until thirty minutes was missed and I remember the concert will begin at 7 P.M, and why we have not enter? After a while, the queue at the section pink already in the order entered, then blue and red, while after the section of our, yellow, I was watching on the right side of the stage, then shortly after entering, the music has been played, the concert begin, then after the music finished, Bigbang went into the stage and the fans were shouting and singing along. During the concert, I felt we pushed forward and getting ahead, tiffany and I could not move even I could not feel my legs. “Oh God, save me, I just want to watch the concert comfortably“. The concert was continued, the people around me screaming and even jump while Bigbang are walking to this side, even personnel often towards here, while I could not move and do not see tiffany, she seems brought back.

Until one of the personnel Bigbang are singing Eyes, Nose, Lips, this song is so slow that sung by one singer, his name is Taeyang, and suddenly I was not crushing, pushing and shoving, and I could feel my feet and I was down see at my feet and realized that the shoe is very dirty, it looks like my feet had trampled, suddenly I was listening to the cries of fans next to me again and I saw on stage again, it was Taeyang, he has been on stage in front of us, oh god, what is he going to do? he even walked down the stairs and singing, hey, I saw his eyes is looking at me, very beautiful, how could humans as perfect as him? Oh? He is getting closer and the fans scream louder while I was silent, smiling. What is this?I’m not mistaken? He gave his hand! to me? I just holding his hand, but suddenly he pulled. Oh god, what he would take me to the stage? I was happy to follow him, and certainly he was singing, I cannot take off my smile, he really took me onto the stage, holding my hand and looked at me, how can i? I cannot feel my face, my body, and even my feet again, then he sang to in part,

Your black eyes that only saw me

Your nose that held the sweetest breath

Your lips that whispered ‘I love you, i love you’

Your eyes, nose, lips

Your touch that used to touch me,

to the ends of your fingertips.

I can still feel you

Then she stopped singing but not about the music, suddenly he asked me and talk to me with his microphone.

“Hey girl, what’s your name?”


“Hey lydia ~ do you know my song?”

“Yes, I really know” I nod

“All of Bigbang members, who do you like?”

“there is no”

“Heh? Really? Are you-”

“I love someone”

“And who?”

“You!” I smiled

“Oh thank you!” She immediately hugged me, oh god, I was very surprised, he suddenly hugged me, is on the stage and he hugged me, although only briefly. I can still hear the sound of screaming fans grew louder. Then, the music grew louder and he completed his singing, after the lights began to dim and he ran pulled me to backstage, Oh God, I am happy today, I am following him.

Arriving at the backstage he let me go and give me to the staff and he went again with many staff to prepare for his next song. Before he left he had said “come with staff and wait for me“. He came from south korea but used English language very good. I and the staff entered into the room, there writes BIGBANG in front of the waiting room, here is empty, just a lot of mirror and makeup and this room tend to be colored gold and also a large table in the middle and box drink on the right wall, I sat on a sofa and near a large table that turns facing a monitor, which shows a stage, they continued their concert. Suddenly a stuff takes a lot of drinks and just go.

“If you’re thirsty, just take a drink there, I go!”

“Oh, okay.”

He immediately moved away hastily rushed, and I stood and saw box drinks to see a drink, that all soft drinks. I also took one and sit back and I think the concert will end soon, as all the members have started giving last farewell. The room became very crowded, the stuff were coming, maybe they are the makeup artist and stylist, I do not know, none of them who speak Indonesian and English, but they still greeted when entering the room earlier. 15 minutes later, All members big bang into the room, they greet each other, I also greet them, and they remain cool to speak the Korean language, I do not understand, I do not know what I’m going to do, I’m just speechless, until finally one of Bigbang members, G-Dragon came up to me and talk back with Taeyang use the Korean language, and Taeyang looked shocked and he came up to me, and I just smile at them.

“Do not you go home?” G-dragon asked me, and Taeyang directly talk with g-dragon before I answer.

“Sorry, do not listen to his words” Taeyang said, I just nodded, and he picked up his cell phone. He returned to speak with the other members came up to me later.

“Let’s take pictures together” says Taeyang when it comes to bring mobile phones and other members

“Yea” I replied.


“We should take pictures both” Taeyang said as he approached me and hugged me.


“Hey, it’s midnight, you did not have plan to go home?” Said G-Dragon.

“Lydia, Are you go to this hall by yourself? or together with your friend? “Asked Taeyang. He remembered my name.

“In fact, I was with my friend, but we just met today, I’m going home alone by taxi and have a flight early in the morning”

“So? Are you going to the airport? ”

“Yes, I am not living in Jakarta”

“Oh, you can get along with us to the airport!”

“Really? Can I? “I asked, I am so happy.

“Yes, you can. I can speak with my manager later ”

“Thank you so much, Taeyang” -skip trip-

Bigbang go through a special way and this trip without getting bogged down at all, during the trip I contacted Tiffany, she was very surprised and envious of me, but I call her to say goodbye and apologize for not being able to go home together then thank you very much for today, I happy to be her friend. She is very kind. I’m not with members of Big Bang but I was with one of the staff because the member is always with his manager.

Arriving at the airport, I went down and said goodbye to all the members of big bang and thank you for everything and especially for Taeyang who has given me the best memories today. they entered the gate 1 and it looks like the plane will take off. All have been entered, while I was outside, I was lazy to go in, I left at 4:50 and I was waiting in the seat then around to the bottom and looking for a drink and go back and then change my clothes in the bathroom, I opened the envelope my flight ticket and held it. I’m still waiting, stayed 5 minutes, but why not information called to go in, a few moments later a call was heard, and I will go now, and suddenly when I give airline tickets to the man.

“Sorry, based on this ticket you should at gate 4”

“Huh? Is it true? Gosh! I forgot to check the gate, thank you very much, Sir “I said and immediately went running toward the gate 4, and it is the farthest gate, this is very far away, I ran very fast. Shit! Why I’m so stupid.

“Huhhh! Huhhhhh! Huhhhhh … “puffing by the time I got to the front of gate 4. Then I gave my flight ticket to enter the woman and then walked in, waited a moment and walked to the bus that will lead to the plane. After arriving on the plane I went to sleep and woke up when the person sitting to the left of me nudges, actually she who opened my dining table

“eat first”

“Oh, thank you, mam”

“Are you a student?”

“Yes, mam”

“What are you doing in Jakarta? For School? Or for holiday? ”

“No, I am just watch a concert”

“Oh, you must be have a nice holiday”

I was eating and after eating did not get back to sleep and stared at sunrise.

I remember, today is my birthday, Thank God, you have given the most beautiful gift  and so beautiful memories in my life with your best way, I love God, I love my friends, Narsha, my parents, and all that help me here. Thank you very much.


Thank you for reading